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WVA-29279 CV Casting Backing Plate Shim of Brake Pad with Good Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance

My company has the first-class product quality, first-class service concept.All products in strict accordance with the


My company has the first-class product quality, first-class service concept.All products in strict accordance with the standard of form a complete set of design and control.With the perfect control system and detection means.Perfect material performance, the organization structure analysis, in order to ensure quality qualification.

Brakes are the most important safety components for any automotive, railway or off road vehicle application and are required to deliver consistent performance in a variety of environments. Allied Nippon’s supremacy in this area is evident by our continued commitment to the largest automotive companies and their respective OEMs as well as the presence and wide acceptance of our own brand in the international market.  


Nodular cast iron backing plate and friction material has a good bonding effect, and has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, shock resistance.

Good heat resistance in high speed the vehicle braking effect is more stable.

Appearance of high plasticity, possess good mounting dimensions and flatness.

Advantages Of Casting Process:

Molten metal flows into small ant section in the molten cavity. Hence any complex shape can be easily produced.

Due to small cooling rate from all directions, the properties of casting are same in all directions.

Casting is the often cheapest and most direct way of producing a shape with certain desired mechanical properties.

Certain metals and alloys such as highly creep resistant metal-based alloys for gas turbines cannot be worked mechanically and can be cast only.

Heavy equipment like machine leads, ships propeller, etc. can be thrown easily in the required size rather than fabricating them by joining several small pieces.


As one of the leading manufacturers of various types of brake pads backing plate in China, Jingong Braking now has quality products for sale. Should you are looking for wva-29279 cv casting backing plate shim of brake pad with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance for a change, please contact our company. We are a credible supplier of well tested such products made of quality materials in comparison with other such suppliers.

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